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“Therapy should be tailored to you and your needs, helping you make the changes you want one step at a time... recreating the person, couple or family you most wish to be”
- Karina Sergi, MFT

What can I expect from therapy with you?


Your treatment will be based on your current goals, your history, your personality and your preferences. Therapy will occur at your pace and will unfold naturally and organically. Treatment generally follows a sequence of psychological AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE and ACTION. The time it takes to move through these treatment phases depends upon the complexity of your situation and your readiness to implement change in your life.



Some people come to therapy very aware of their current problems including: negative thinking patterns, unhealthy behaviors, abusive relationship cycles, codependent behavior, childhood trauma, intense sadness, feelings of anxiety or impulsivity. Others have not yet identified or become "aware" of their problem but know that they have a general sense that something is "wrong". Awareness is essential to moving forward in treatment and sometimes requires a great deal of introspection, admitting to unhealthy behavior patterns and psychoeducation.    



Acceptance occurs after you have become aware of the nature of your problems and requires a shift in perspective. During this phase of treatment, many of your old beliefs and thought patterns will be  challenged. You will begin to consider a new approach to things as you realize that your old approach was not working or was maladaptive. Here, we will also identify your strengths and consider all the things you are currently doing RIGHT. Acceptance creates a motivation to change as you recognize your part in your current situation and feel empowered to make real and positive changes in your daily life.



During the action phase, we will focus on creating attainable goals and developing a plan to take action toward achieving your goals. You might try different approaches to change until one feels right for you. Change is inherently difficult. Humans are hard wired to resist change which is why weekly therapy during this phase is so important. With desire, commitment and weekly support from a therapist, you can make notable and significant changes in your life now.

How do I schedule an appointment with you?


All you have to do is call. You can reach me directly by calling (818) 271-7180. I will ask a few initial questions to make sure we are a good fit. I can typically schedule your first session between 1-3 days from your first call. I look forward to hearing from you.

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